635: Flight time in minutes from PDX to NRT
1: Ice cream sundaes I will eat on the plane
0: Cherries I will ask for on the sundae
6,852: Number of islands that make up Japan
430: Number of those islands that are inhabited
1: Number of those islands that I will visits during my vacation
118.44: Cost of two discounted tickets to the robot show in USD
12,388: Fuji-san’s height in feet
154.5: Pounds of fish the average Japanese person eats each year
71: My favorite television channel in Tokyo: Tokyo TV
2001: Year the first maid café popped up in Akihabara

7: Days I am playing in Japan and not responding to emails or texts unless they are lists of things I should see/do while I’m there

5: Days I will work remotely from Shanghai after leaving my beloved Japan. Days where you should not expect an immediate response due to the topsy-turvy timezone.