Mexico/Cuba 2015

This is it.
This is my Out of Office message for Mexico City.
You were probably expecting more
And if so, I have let you down

The pressure was too much
And I broke
bro      ke
I contemplated a message about country songs that mention Mexico
I thought about writing one focusing on tequilas and mezcals
I drafted a Scrabble-themed OOO message and deleted it because it was lackluster (btw Mexico is a 17 point word)
No triple word scores for failure
And. I. Have. Failed. You.

So this is it.
I’m in Mexico and I’m not going to answer email because I’m busy doing "NTC in the Clouds" and speaking Spanish
pobre ly
necesito comida

Next stop: Cuba.
Hopefully my writer’s block will be gone by then
And my OOO will be on fleek
Either way
You won’t see me back in the office until Aug 6

Be good my friends
And serape your souls with rainbows and imaginariums