Japan/China 2015

When you’re starting a story how do you do it? This isn’t really a “Once upon a time” scenario, nor is it a “Call me Ishmael” type of deal. This is the story of Bliss Unleashed. Bliss on the road. Bliss in Asia. I guess I should just start with right now.

Soon it will be 6am
At 6:39am the sun will rise

I am a collector of foreign sunrises and Asia makes it way too easy for me. I can’t fly over here and NOT wake up at the 3 o’clock hour.  Winter is hard though; during the winter months I must be patient. Sometimes I debate going back to sleep, but I know it would be fighting a losing battle. Today I debated heading down to the gym, which is an improvement. Go me. Not that I actually WENT to the gym, but I thought about it.

Sunrise over the Acropolis from the roof of a hotel in Athens is still one of my favorites. Sunrise over Mount Fuji rivaled it. I’m sure I could score a pretty good sunrise SOMEWHERE here, but my window doesn’t have much of a viewshed. I can see a Geox, Boss, Diesel, and a movie theatre. I’m open. They are closed.

Against all odds I head to the gym
Time to end an existing bad habit and start a new good one
Note: no one should ever sweat this much after 20 minutes on a treadmill
Is #betterforit supposed to look this beastly?

Oh. I almost forgot to mention…
I’m gone
Not forever
I’ll be back on December 17th
I’m in Shanghai and Tokyo
Asia felt so foreign the first time I came. Now the entire world is starting to feel like one big extension of my family
It’s comforting
It means I’m never not home
If you need me text me
But know that my hours will be wacky and my days will be packed.

Translation: Don’t expect immediate replies unless you include an enticing gif with your message.