Oh Ricky, You're So Fine

Might as well just jump in here.  I have a habit of starting blogs and then getting bored with them after about 2-3 posts.  I guess I feel like after I do a daily-dump onto Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn I just don't have that much more to say.

BOOM!  Time for a change.  I'm going to devote this blog to my artistic endeavors, be they cooking, sewing, or macramé plant holders.  First up to bat is my current obsession:  figuring out how to knit a Richard Branson sweater vest.  I really don't know why I decided to make this project a #1 priority.  I suppose I was excited that my other half made the switch from Apple to Virgin and finally we had an upbeat business icon to discuss over dinner.

Oh.  And this episode of Between Two Ferns also spurred my interest.

The truth is that as excited as I am about the idea of a Ricky vest, I am having trouble getting started.  There are a few reasons:

  • I've never made anything larger than a hat.  That's a lie.  Scarves are larger than hats, and I've made scarves. 
  • I have never put a pattern onto anything I've knit, aside from stripes and checkers.  True fact.
  • I can't decide if I want to go with red or white for the base color.  White whispers angelic, but red screams VIRGIN!



So basically you can see why I might be a bit struggling to pick up my circulars and K2P2.  If you happen to be a knitter, I would love some words of wisdom.  I will also accept words of encouragement, words of sympathy, words of comfort, or whatever happens to be your favorite word at the moment.