Yestermorrow Day #3: Design Opportunities.

Lizabeth and Patti have a motto. That motto is, "Everything is a design opportunity."  In other words, mistakes are all just excuses to redesign something. I love it. The entire Yestermorrow experience is empowering, supportive, and transformational.

Today LJ and I built a wall together and we ended up with quite a few of those design opportunities :)  Still, with the help of Patti and Lizabeth we puzzled everything out and I guarantee you that if we had to build the same wall tomorrow we could build it in half the time with zero help. SUCCESS!

With that, I bring you the latest and greatest fun facts:

  • Most houses in VT use 2x6 studs so that they can fit in extra insulation.  It gets cold out here!
  • Concrete is strong in compression, not tension, which is why it needs rebar.
  • Foundation pourers love Budweiser. They start drinking it at 9 or 10 in the morning and don't stop until they finish the project.
  • If you want to pour your own foundation try using an ICF (Insulated Concrete Form). It will save you money because you won't need to sub out the job.
  • Using pine shiplap helps mitigate shrinkage issues
  • If you build a house, leave a 4' or larger window out somewhere on the second floor so that you can move sheetrock through it with a machine. To quote Patti, "Fuck carrying that shit up stairs".
  • If you throw wild parties you will need to build with wood that has a higher live load.
  • Rainforest Whoopie Wood is local lingo for Philippine Mahogany, which is actually a false mahogany. It's a good choice if you're building on a budget or apparently if you put together a luxury cruise ship in the 70s.
  • When you need lumber you should always go to the yard and hand pick it. If you order it you'll just get whatever is on the top of the stack, and usually the top few boards are boards that other people already rejected. 
  • The reason walking under a ladder is considered bad luck is because a ladder leaning against a wall creates a triangle shape. If you walk under it you're disrupting The Trinity.
  • Don't plant food anywhere near pressure treated wood as the poisons will leach into the soil and kill you.
  • It's all about WWWD (What Would Water Do).  Before you make any major decisions, reflect upon WWWD.

I don't have much to chat about re: today's build. We basically just kept plugging along on the shed. In the morning we went to Allen (Alien) Lumber and learned all about what kind of inventory is there and how to deciper the secret codes.For example, SYP CDX is Southern Yellow Pine that is Grade C on one side, Grade D on the other, and has eXterior glue.

Allen Lumber seems like it would be intimidating if you didn't know what you were going there for.  Today it was overwhelming due strictly to the heat. Too. Hot.

After Alien we drove around Waitsfield and Warren and talked about sheds and roofs we spied out the windows of the van. We also cruised by a stunning poured concrete house with cedar shake on the top.

By the days' end we had all four walls up and a few people had started in on the roof cut list. Tomorrow is going to be even hotter and even more work, but I know we're up to the challenge.  I will be wearing flair on my goggles (in the photo they aren't yet finished) and a t-shirt sporting my new nickname as a way to lift team morale.