Hi. I'm Bliss. First things first: I live in Oregon, but I am not an "Oregon Driver" and I use the word hazelnuts instead of filberts. I like foil-wrapped burritos, the first signs of spring, and going on epic adventures with my family -- Nautical Nicholas and Magista, our Peruvian Inca Orchid puppy. 


My life story is far too outlandish and tangled to unravel in this small space, but if you catch me during a bout of nostalgia and put a limey margarita in front of me I just might give you access.  The highlight reel includes getting stuck in a rowboat in the middle of the Bay of Fundy, Panulirus argus and Strombus gigas, maple creemees at dusk on the tailgate of a pick-up (cue the Kenny Chesney song Summertime), building a shed from scratch in the middle of rural Vermont with 10 other amazing women, sunrise at the Acropolis, sunset at the Caldera, tutus, stripes, and oh-so-much-more.

Career-wise I have worked on some of the world's most popular and influential brands, doing everything from market research, consumer insights, social media, eCommerce, and PR. I take an interdisciplinary approach to marketing, focusing on community building, storytelling, and connecting consumers to brands in unexpected ways that enhance loyalty and grow word of mouth. I thrive in situations where I am encouraged to imagine the unimaginable and then find a way to make it reality. 

Obsession: Making the enterprise social and managing the change that accompanies the resultant flatter, more transparent and interconnected organization. And gifs. Obviously gifs.

Currently: Mastering my vegetable spiralizer and doing physical therapy so that I can train for another half marathon.

Upcoming adventures: John Day Painted Caves, Crater Lake, and exploring Big Sky.

In rotation: Air Payaa, Socfly, Air Max Flyknit, and some old Patagonia flipflops from back in the day when they were in the shoe game.

5 year plan: Finally write my story

Note: I just switched over to Squarespace 7 and I took the opportunity to scratch my old (and let's be honest, ugly) website and build a new one from scratch. Check back soon for more razzle dazzle.