Hi. I'm Bliss. I'm a Vermonter-turned-Californian, but I've spent years here and there in Nova Scotia, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Oregon. This means you can ask me about anything from snow machines to the Mulholland Dam, from tidal power to why you should never pay for overnight shipping if you live in Cincinnati, from why people in Oregon can't handle 4-way stops to jughandle turns. I've got you covered. 

Regardless of where I choose to call my home, a few things always hold true: I live for all things koselig/hyggelig, the first signs of spring, sizzling hot showers, pretty much anything inspired by the magic of Tokyo, and going on adventures with my family -- Nautical Nicholas and Magista, our Peruvian Inca Orchid puppy. 

True story: This photo was taken in front of the back side of our house. Because for about a month in 2015 the back side of our house was a camouflage tarp.

True story: This photo was taken in front of the back side of our house. Because for about a month in 2015 the back side of our house was a camouflage tarp.

My life is far too outlandish and tangled to unravel in this small space, but the highlight reel includes: getting stuck in a rowboat in the middle of the Bay of Fundy, researching Panulirus argus and Strombus gigas on South Caicos, maple creemees at dusk on the tailgate of a pick-up (cue the Kenny Chesney song Summertime), building a shed in the middle of rural Vermont with 10 other amazing women, sunrise at the Acropolis, sunset at the Caldera, never-ending home repair projects, the quest for the world's most epic burrito, and so much more.

Career-wise I have worked on some of the world's most popular and influential brands, doing everything from brand management, strategy, planning, operations, market research, consumer insights, social media, ecommerce, and PR. I take an interdisciplinary approach to marketing, focusing on connecting consumers to brands in unexpected ways that enhance loyalty and grow word of mouth. I thrive in situations where I am encouraged to imagine the unimaginable and then find a way to make it reality.

I worked on Olympic campaigns at both P&G (Thank You Mom) and Nike (Unlimited). I helped build brands from scratch and I worked on billion dollar brands that have been household names for decades. I love nailing the perfect line of copy, creating flow charts that explain all the things, designing elegant one-pagers, and sending the perfect gif for every occasion.

Obsessions: Human-centered everything, intersection and pivot points, helping established companies become agile enough to compete with start-ups.

Currently: (1) Thinking about self-driving vehicles and how the world as we know it is about to shift substantially. Seismically maybe. (2) Wondering if I should pick up knitting again. (3)  Reading YA dystopic fiction. (4) Playing Guacamelee 2 with gusto. (5) Looking for vegan appetizer inspiration; it's a niche I haven't mastered yet. In fact, I suck at appetizers in general unless they are Mexican.

Things that make me happy: Radiolab, Reply All, The Sound of Music, 80s advertising jingles, horizontal stripe shirts, Bean Boots, sing-a-longs with my sisters, fractals, vegan tiki food, my Schott Perfecto, and Krug champagne (when someone else is paying for it).

Things that make me sad: Improper use of apostrophes, overcast skies, bad user experience, the ever-shrinking economy class seat on a plane

The nicest compliment I have ever received: You are like a one-woman NYC bodega

Recent Travel: Tulum, Hong Kong, Santa Fe, Tokyo, Boston, and Shanghai

Upcoming adventures: Italy, if we get our act together..

In rotation: Air Payaa, Socfly, Air Max Flyknit, and LunarEpic mids

5 year plan: Finally write my story